Hey Creatures!

Hey Creatures, I'm going to be in San Francisco on business this Monday thru Wednesday, I would love to come hang out at your meeting and maybe even ride with you. Any one have a loaner bike? I would be willing to compensate you for your hospitality. I want to see the city the way the locals do. I'm really excited to come out and see you guys.


Re: Hey Creatures!

Oops, here's a pic that works.


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hey ron. u should swing by 1977 mopeds when u get into town Monday. they're on 16th st at mission. u will meet a ton of kids there that can direct u in the right direction. email me too if ya wanna

Re: Hey Creatures!

yup what sean said, i'm sure we can find something for you to ride.

Re: Hey Creatures!

Creatures rule. You'll have fun.

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Great, I was planning on stopping in there. I'm also going to see if I can hunt down some parts while I'm out there. I left a little room in the suitcase for goodies. You know like, T-shirts and metrakits. I'll be back on tonight to try to hook up with more folk.

Re: Hey Creatures!

So, I'm in town and staying at:

Best Western Civic Center Inn

364 Ninth St

San Francisco, CA 94103

Am I close to where the Creatures hang out?

Re: Hey Creatures!

You're not exactly close to '77, but not far.

Go to the Civic Center BART/Muni station and jump on the outbound BART. You buy your ticket at the little ATM looking machines and the charts next to them tell you how much to pay. It shouldn't be much as you're just going to the next stop. You'll be going to the 16th Street station.

Take BART to the 16th Street station at Mission Street. '77 is on 16th, just a door or two down from Mission. Be careful on that corner/ station, as it's plagued with junkies and crack-heads.

Have fun!

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