New yard sale score,, help ID

so, check this out ,, i took the corbra up to get some BQ a 1/4 mile down the road,,

I didn't see this thing on the way up,,

But, on the way back it caught the corner of my eye,,

Damn thing was like 300 yards from my house,, So, I drop off the food and go right back,, knock on the door and 5 min. later I snapped these pics in my driveway.

I set the Sachs next to it. so, you can see the size.

I have No Clue on the frame and motor , but I'm thinking the body works is like a Derbi 50 or some sort.

Sooo Help me ID this thing,, I'm going out to check it out some more. Anyone Up for making Fiber copies of the body work? ;)

What the hell is it?

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

Zack Rineer /


not sure what it is but it sure is ugly..

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

Woah, lots of work went into it, whatever it is.

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID


Re: Motor and frame


Re: Motor and frame

Rich, like I said above, it's a Jawa model, not a custom ped. RobK knows all about them, as does Chris MWH.

Re: Motor and frame

yeah, jawa race bike, i've seen 2 in real life. really crazy ported cylinder on that guy.

Re: Motor and frame

what did you pay for it?

Re: Motor and frame

Its a Jawa ultra sport, its missing the lower part of the main fairing. Its a true sheep in wolfs clothing. They are quite rare.

Re: Motor and frame

Thanks Lar and graham,, ,Hmmm race Jawa :I i

t does have a 60mph speedo. LMAO

the front and rear fender looks like factory fit,, is the body Jawa?

Yeah,, out in the garage right now,, took off the body

damn carb looks like 10mm

I'm looking at the Wheels Hmmm ,,,might fit My pinto or Maxi N

Re: Motor and frame

Pretty nuts looking bike, even though its a Jawa thats cool for its uniqueness.

Re: Motor and frame

Really saab?

hmm maybe I'll ask for the lowers

My first thought was PARTS!!! maybe I'll restore,,,, Bummer No gastank.

Re: Motor and frame

Re: Motor and frame


id rock one of those.

Re: Motor and frame

no shit!!,, Wow,,, I paid more for my BQ dinner then the ped .

Re: Motor and frame

Oh it looks better with the windshield, lower fairing, stripes, and seat cushion.

Re: Motor and frame

the one the only (not really) batmobile jawa

Re: Motor and frame

Edward Richardson /

I think I saw a piece of body work like that in a motorcycle trader magazine, Walnecks. They were looking for information about it, if I recall correctly.

Re: Motor and frame

Larry Picarello /

Do NOT part it out!

You will suffer severe bad moped karma.

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

jawa 210 engine.

Re: Motor and frame

Damn Rich nice find. I think you need to make it awesome. Mod the crap out of that motor.

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

i want it sell it to me dont part it

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

yeah those are worth money dont part it.

It looks like somene rode a moped at the county fair and crashed it into the star wars carosel. What a riot.

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

that is the raddest moped ive ever seen

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

Ha ,,

yeah, went on a very short ride today ( broke down)

haven't had time to really go over the damn thing yet.

But was thinking about the parts. Damn parts would look Sick on my Maxi N build ( head fairing,fenders and wheels)

Damn wheels!!!

But,, I'm thinking, I'll keep it together since it's such a limited model

but this is what i do know so far,,

No gas tank, No lowers to the fairing, no seat ( NO PROB)

I haven't got in touch with the guy I bought it from. about the missing parts.

I just want to Thank, everyone here that helped me ID This thing, Big thanks to SAAB for the Pic ( haven't found another online yet) Now, I know what to shoot for.

guess it's time to learn JAWA

how the hell does it start? looks like the sprocket has a belt pulley and a spring load

Motor looks pretty good Turns over nicely,, I'm thinking it has/had Fuel issues and was taken apart everything seems to be in place.

guess I'll check out some pics of the 210.

thanks again

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

i'm having such a hard time deciding if that is the fucking ugliest thing i've ever seen or fucking awesomest thing i've ever seen...

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

Haha, awesome. Ugly as sin, in a sweet ass mad max way.

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

Got the gas tank,, but no luck, on the lowers..,,,yet might have a hook up on NOS

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

Mad Max ped...pretty cool!

Re: New yard sale score,, help ID

Pablo Puchasso /

JMSN has/had one. Maybe he will see this thread and chime in with some info.

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