ship moped?

Hey. I am thinking about taking apart my moped in order to more cheaply ship it from Europe to the US. Is this possible?



Re: ship moped?

How else would you get it here? You putting it on the plane with you? or Maybe you going by boat? It would seem the ideal way would be to break it down and ship it.

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Re: ship moped?

i work in shipping. you want to break it down to four or five boxes to cut cost a bit.

the most important thing is to not skimp on packing. PACK IT VERY CAREFULLY! you basically need all parts completely padded. buy good heavy boxes from a store.

i just had a newport shipped to me recently, he did a decent job, but the frame was basically just taco wrapped in cardboard, which caused the bottom bolt holes that hold the engine on to get bent out at a 90 degree angle. and yes, it will be pricey. i got the hookup with my job and it cost $38 from portland, oregon to texas. i'm guessing you are probably looking at a bare minimum of 150-250$ if it's coming from europe. thats ups rates anyways....good luck!! oh yeah, make sure there is no leaking and the bare minimum of oil smells coming from the boxes, that caused me some problems as well.

Re: ship moped?

personally i would take your engine rubbed squeaky clean in your check in. and ask for a frame. don't put it in your carry on because before 911 they said I couldn't have metal bigger than a quarter. i was like 10 when this happened i thought what is a 10 year gonna do with a razor scooter (the push type) that a full blown adult couldn't do with a punch? but i kinda wanted to get home so i threw it in my check in. my advise is put any thing you can through the dish washer.

Re: ship moped?

John Joedicke /

Find someone who is moving lock, stock and barrel to the states and is shipping a container and piggy back on with them. Personally just buy a moped in the states and save yourself the hassle and expense.

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