Update on (Head Gasket)

With the head gasket out of my 99 TFR it makes a sort of clunking noise. But I can also hear it kinda with the gasket. I'm positive nothing is hitting with gaket out. So it leads me to the conclusion that it is not tight enough, becasue the thread on the idside of the nuts that hold the head on is wearing away, and gone is completly gone on two of them (kinetics have soem quality problems). I think im going to buy new nuts for it today hopefully. Do u think that the clunking could be from the head not being on tight enough.

Re: Update on (Head Gasket)

most likely the head is clapping around. what is stipped the nuts or the studs?(the lil things that stick out from the cylinder) answer that and maybe i can help

Re: Update on (Head Gasket)

The nuts are stripped.

Re: Update on (Head Gasket)

gimmiejimmie /

make sure the nuts and studs are the same; metric/SAE

you say the nuts are stripped, probably the stud/bolt is messed up also.

get a DIE and clean up the threads, and make sure no chips/junk fall into cylinder

if you pull the head. Sometimes a few flat washers will get you pass the bad threads, and when the engine warms up, snug up the head bolts with a staggered pattern.

DO NOT over tighten.

I think you can reuse head gaskets but NOT go without them. You need a good seal for compression and ignition and changing/altering head gaskets that small does'nt matter.

You can get a few more mph by leaning forward and slapping your ass and hollering yippee ky oooooo

good luck and happy trails to ya. jimmiegimme

Re: Update on (Head Gasket)

the gasket between the cylinder and the crankcase might have been compressed too much when you retightened the head down. it happened to me.. when that happens, the cylinder sits lower and the piston comes up closer to the head, which may cause it to hit. for that gasket you can just goto a local auto store and buy some cork/rubber or treated paper gasket material. then again it could be something else i didnt think of.. good luck..

Re: Update on (Head Gasket)

Althought the Kinetic is a copy of the Vespa, it uses a head gasket and the cylinder base gasket is gasket material instead of aluminum as on the Vespa.

You must remove the engine to properly replace the cylinder base gasket. The gaskets are very cheap from Cosmopolitan Motors. Might as well order the nuts too.


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