free puch

anyone in cincinnati get that free puch that was on cl last night/this morning. it's gone now so i'm assuming someone got it.

was it anyone on here?

Re: free puch

btw it was nice and red (nope not a magnum) sounded like maybe it was for real? the ad was:

Here's an old puch free to a good home, its been in my garage for years, I cleaned it up a little... It was my son's a long time ago, he doesn't want it... it looks good and runs, but is very SMOKEY and sluggish.. First one gets it!

Re: free puch

i emailed... no reply... then it was gone this morning... :(

Re: free puch

I e-mailed. No reply. Guess it was legit.

Re: free puch

Damn, I need to get in the habbit of checking CL even when i dont have money to blow.

Re: free puch

this reply was posted this morning, i assume it was in response to the free puch ad:

Posted on: Monday, March 02, 2009 8:10 AM


Subject: person with moped

_hi i posted an email soon as you posted the moped don't know if you got it still no phone call, my number is 513 386 8186 my wife goes to colledge and would like me to get this, she says i ride her around to much and she needs a break_

now that's been removed too. hilarious!

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