1996 targa tomos moped?

Anyone have major issues with the 1996 targa tomos moped? There's a used one for $40 by me..... but it looks like it'll need some work (see the attached pic). I'd appreciate any comments and opinions.

I realize $40 may mean a seized engine .... and the body looks like it's been partially outdoors getting a sun tan. How's the parts scene for this model?


Re: 1996 targa tomos moped?

good price it might be a bit of a pain though if you want it to look perfect, it never will.

Re: 1996 targa tomos moped?

King Drunky JCams /

For 40 bux I'd buy that shit so fast...

oh, and it's not a targa tomos... it's a Tomos (make) Targa LX (Model)

Go for it.

Parts are freakin' plentiful to say the least.

Re: 1996 targa tomos moped?

holly shit that is a new jersey targa I've been told those are 50mph bikes........................fact

Re: 1996 targa tomos moped?

but really you could get a good motor to swap or sell parts I don't see a way for that to not be a good deal

Re: 1996 targa tomos moped?

Snap it up Mike. It won't be much of a looker unless you strip it down to bare metal but it can be a good, reliable and fairly quick (good off the line, 35+ mph top)machine.

Lots of parts available.


Re: 1996 targa tomos moped?

I'm sure this bike is long gone, I saw this about a half hour after it posted but was too busy yesterday to try to snatch it up.

Re: 1996 targa tomos moped?

My advise to you: put a biturbo on that shit. It'll fix everything.


You will need at least a new new swing arm, its right side is broken clean off! You can see it in the bottom 2 pics.

Re: 1996 targa tomos moped?

hey i'll buy the bike if you pay to have it shipped here

Re: 1996 targa tomos moped?

you are to funny......

Re: 1996 targa tomos moped?

Andrew Squiggman /

I doubt its still there. that was on craigslist in NJ 4 weeks ago

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