peugeot 103 wiring

Found this 103 in the trash yesterday some parts missing but I think it's really cool. Got 2 wires together at the bottom coming out from behind the magneto, another wire by itself out at top behind magneto. Guessing one is a shut off wire. looking for a diagram or manual or info on how to get this thing started.


Re: peugeot 103 wiring

You dont need any of those three wires connected to get it started. The bottom wires are for the headlight and brakelight power (the red one), and for the killswitch (the maroon/purple/darkred one). the one towards the top is for the rear running light. But again, you dont need any of those connected to get it started. It might be better to leave those disconnected until youre sure you have spark (mine had a grounded out killswitch wire when i got it (someone tried to fix an intermittent headlight ground by wiring it to the killswitch (which they thought was a groundwire))). good luck.

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