THE snowped

i got a parking permit at UNH that allows me to park my ped in motorcycle parking around campus. when it snows, though, i have to move it or else the plows scoop it up (which has happened once already). well i have nowhere else to put my little Sally Sachs, so i just wheeled her behind my dorm until the snow stopped. i put her under an awning hoping it stuck out far enough that sally wouldnt become an ice crystal. well, it was a calculated risk, and it turned out for the worse.

i felt bad for the old girl, but i knew she could handle it anyways. looks pretty awesome how the ice followed the cables, spokes, and such.

best part about it, she kicked over first try. those germans got something right.


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and yes, that is a red "MOPEDS ARE DANGEROUS" bumper sticker buried under the glaciers. sweet.


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Re: THE snowped

I apologize in advance but it must be said......Thats one COOL ride....Ahhh! Got that out of my system hahahahahahaha

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Alan Lipkowiski /

That is one of the coolest things I've seen. I think you need to change your screen name to Dr. Freeze now.

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haha yea sal's my daily beater rat ped ride. the thing will NEVER stop running, i dont really get it anymore. i have other pretty bikes that i have to try to keep tip top all the time, so sally is how i blow off moped steam and just do whatever the hell i want to it.

yea thats the jammy from treats a while ago. like i said, anything goes with this bike. i hacked the sachs "bad" header a little shorter with a cinder block, then just clamped that baby on. a hose clamp later and its a solid rigged setup. really decent performance, too... with a properly tuned 12mm bing (not an untunable sachs bing) the pipe hits around 7 mph and sticks with ya until about 20, with good acceleration up to about 28 on a good day. want to get a 14 on there to maximize the setup.

im glad nobody's mad at me for neglecting a moped!

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