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I want to know the dates Tomos started and stoped with these things. When did Tomos start selling mopeds? I know they had a model in the 1960's that looked like a Sears Allstate MoPed, when did that start and when did it end. In the 1970's, maybe before, Tomos started there classic look moped and it was made untill around the late 1980's or early 1990's. When exactly did that start and stop.Around the early 1990's, maybe late 1980's Tomos came out with a new engine that still had the carb under the frame. Exactly when did that start and stop. Maybe in the 1990's Tomos started to have the carb mounted on the side of the frame, when exactly did that start. Now Tomos has there new engine, when exacly did that start. I am wanting a timeline of Tomos engine and carb placement changes and anything else helpful that you can add and when everyone puts there 2 cents in, someone should put it in the wiki. The reason why i want this done is to identify what year Tomos mopeds were made when the VIN sticker has been damaged and the date and or serial number is not readable.

Re: Want to knowTomos changes

ez da snow man !! /

they still make them to day...

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