Spacely Sprockets

I've seen messages indicating what happens when you change the front and

back sprockets. I've moved up to a 27 tooth sprocket in the front on my 2000

Tomos. Where can I find a different (smaller) rear sprocket, and instructions

on changing it.

I'm not worried about climbing hills. I'm in Delaware, we dont have hills :-)

Re: Spacely Sprockets

Ataristyle /

With a 27 tooth sprocket in the front and now a smaller sprocket on the rear I doubt you'll go faster, if not slower. The 2 stroke only puts out 2hp. If it was as powerful as a Derbi Revolution's(50cc @ 5.8hp) or even a Derbi GPR 50's(50cc @ 9hp!) then you'd go faster to begin with and with the smaller sprockets you would notice change in top end. The stock 2hp limit has to be broken on mopeds available in the US. Too bad the government set the limits @ 2hp.

Swarm and Destroy!

Re: Spacely Sprockets

Right now, I've got plenty of torque that I would trade for top end speed.

The ability to ride a wheelie, while scary, is much less usefull than another

5 mph or so. I eeked out another 4 mph with just the 27 tooth before

putting in the speed kit. From what I can see, there isn't much room on

the back wheel to go any smaller, but I'm hoping someone may have

an idea.

Gov't limits were made to be broken !

Re: Spacely Sprockets

Reeperette /

Try a cycle salvage yard, that's where I get my mini's.


Re: Spacely Sprockets

gimmejimmie /

where in DE are you, I have kin near Bethany Beach.

Re: Spacely Sprockets

I'm up in Dover, about an hour away from Bethany.

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