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does anyone know what (if anything) i need to drive my Garelli on the road? I had it in town at a fair one night and the cops joked around with me asking if my harley died, because i was peddling it around. the one said i needed a plate simply because it has an engine. i know one guy that has a moped and he has a plate on it. but i also have a friend that has one, and he doesn't have a plate on it. if you could possibly answer this question for me so i don't have to bother myself with talking to the annoying DMV and stuff. thanks


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I dont know about PA, but you definately should call the DMV and ask..i neglected to do that and ended up spending about $600 paying fines and registration fees on the moped i bought for $30.

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Brandon E /

This is a fact sheet that tells about Pennsylvania moped laws. It requires Adobe Acrobat software to read it, so if you don't have it, I'll just tell you that it says for a moped License plates are "issued." Whether that means they are required or not I don't know.

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I live in Maryland just south of the Mason Dixon and the shop I usually get parts from is in P.A.. You do need a plate and last I knew any valid license but not nesserarily a motorcycle license. In most states you need minimal insurance coverage to get tags. Hope this helps.


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call your local state police and ask.they may tell you don't. has the state laws posted. you need driver, tag

i called the state police they said i didn't Pa.pedder Dan

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Where in Md. If you are south of the Mason/Dixon, why aren't you getting parts

from themopedjunkyard over in OC ?

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Ron Brown /


Do yourself a favor and call the DMV. They may even have a booklet with the rules.


you need this...

ya this is dave from bsh in bethlehem, pa (where are you at in pa). to ride a moped legally you need:

1. official moped title in your name (need this before you can get ANYTHING else)

if you don't have this you can get it in your name via the international title service at for $75 (done this twice now no problems)

2. moped insurance (roughly $120/year)

3. moped license plate and registration

and that's it. no helmets required by law.

ride hard.

dave reporting from thailand

-moped army-

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