Carb Jets

With a new carb, is there some easy way to see what jet size I have in it.

Forgive me if this seems like a stupid question. I am thinking about getting a

couple higher and lower to see what kind of changes it makes to my


Re: Carb Jets

The only way i know of to see your carburetor jet is to take apart the carb and look at the end of the jet. In terms of performance if u put a higher jet in usually it makes u accelrate faster and could flood the engine once u get goin. A small jet will lean out the engine which can make it go faster, but u run the risk of seizing your engine. It is good to experiemnt with different jets though, but make sure u do a plug test (search for plug test on the fourm and it will tell u all about it). I'm pretty sure i am correct on this but i would also try to talk to some of the more experienced on this form. Good luck, and tell me how it goes.

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