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I bought a 2000 Kinetic Magnum last November and it has been stored all winter. I just found out that my State (Illinois) requires title and plates for the moped. I'm looking for somebody from Illinois who can tell me how to get a title for my moped. It didn't come with one. Please email me please.

Thanks very much.

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If it's anything like Delaware, you will need to get a Certificate of Origin. This is basically a document from the Mfg. saying, "Yeah, we made that according to all the applicable laws"

I bought my ped in Md. which made it really fun. First I had to get the cert., which

the Md. dealer didn't have because in Md. they don't need it. So the dealer had to get it from the importer. Next I had to have it inspected in De. This consisted of making sure the vin matched the cert. nothing else.

The fun came next when the bitchy lady in the DMV wanted an odometer statement, even though the cert said 1 mile. I had to argue with her, and then her

supervisor for 10 minutes that the odometer was meaningless. It will never be insured, never be inspected, and the odometer will never matter to anyone other than myself ever again. Finally after going up one more level in the beauracracy(sp) to someone who had dealt with this before, before getting my title five minutes before they closed on a friday.

Once I pushed it high enough, and the guy heard what I had to say, he just looked at his two subordinates and said "Give it to him" and walked off. The looks on their faces was priceless. I hope you have better luck

Call your local DMV office

No matter what you read here....

... your DMV plays the tune you have to dance to.

Call your local DMV office

No matter what you read here....

... your DMV plays the tune you have to dance to.

You will have to round up all the paperwork you were given by the dealer.

Re: Call your local DMV office

Ataristyle /

Where in IL are you from? I'm from Chicago. When I bought my moped from IN September of 2000 they mailed out the title to me. Sec. of State sucks here. They declined my request for plates for my moped because it was a '98 model with only 1 mile on it. They wouldn't believe it only had one mile on it and I had to call back to the place where I got it from( and have them fill out a sheet and sign it so I can get plates. I wish IL can be more like IN. IN doesnt have to have plates or even insurance! My 'ped costs $180 a year for full coverage. Good luck getting a title.

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