CDI wrecked?

Can a CDI burn up if my Honda Express is run without the battery? (I already know it can ruin your headlight)


Re: CDI wrecked?

...No... It will not harm the CDI.

If you have a dead battery and you still want to protect the lights... leave the dead battery in and connected.

It will still function as a voltage regulator.... unless the plates break away from the screw lugs (fairly rare... unless it is a Harley!)

Re: CDI wrecked?

Then why the heck did my spark go away all of the sudden? I just finished cleaning the carb and got it running for the first time in a year and seconds later I lose the spark!!!


Re: CDI wrecked?

First of all... are you sure an Express has a CDI ?

I thought they had points.

Take off the flywheel cover and look in the holes in the flywheel to see if it has points.

If it does... clean and set the points like it says below in my "Gen Tune Up and Troubleshooting" post below.

Re: CDI wrecked?

After 1980 they have a CDI unit...


Re: CDI wrecked?

OK... if you go down a few lines (sparklessness) you will see the best I can do on checking an ignition that quit sparking.

Re: CDI wrecked?

You know what is ironic. Before I lost my "spark" I checked most all of my wiring with a DMM suspecting a wiring problem on something completely different. (Turned out to be nothing). I guess I'll be doing that again in the morning. You don't happen to have the CDI test values for the 1982 Express NC50, do you?



No values for you.

Is there a chance the wires didn't get plugged back together correctly?


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