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Hey Doug, got any idea how I could use a timing light (if possible) on a tomos A35 engine to determine current timing? Also, does anyone have any idea where i can find a blowup diagram of said engine so i know what to expect when i start taking off panels and such?

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Sorry to reply to my own message, I just wanted to ask one more thing....what about opening up the ports on the jug and maybe boring out the intake manifold and all that great on small block chevy's. Anybody out there had any luck with this sorta stuff? Thanks again....Lane


Get a timing light with an inductive pickup.

Park the ped next to the car and connect the power leads to the car batt.

Clip the inductive pickup on spark plug lead in the correct direction.

Remove flywheel cover.

Look for timing marks on flywheel (T and F).

Look for mark on engine case.

Fire up the ped.

Point timing light at marks and pull trigger.

If the ped vaporizes into a pile of cinders you have the wrong gun.

Look at how the marks line up in strobe... at idle... and at higher RPM.

So ya wants to go faster huh ??

Two strokes are real interesting little buggers to make go fast... and it is based on a lot of interesting phyics principles... (in my opinion).

Here is a site with a whole lot of good engineering and science info.

Take a few days to read what you can.

The 2 primary things to gain HP are the cylinder port timing and size... and the exhaust pipe dimensions.

Next comes intake flow and size and compression ratio.

If you undertake to do these mods yourself you will probably seize and blow a few motors... but you've already said you don't mind.

Having only a 2 speed limits the mods.

Because many of the mods narrow the power band.

And raise the RPM (which the motor is not built for).

I'm guessing that with a little money and time I could make one of those go 60 mph without too much trouble.

No promises on how long it would last.

I'm planning on that this summer with one (Suz FA50...maybe not 60 though...45/50 would be OK...single speed)

There is also a message board there... check it out.

The board has a forum for small bores.

Make sure to open the time window for older posts.

A lot of the people and questions and answers (on the board) are misinformed IMO.

You have to read with that in mind.

I have a couple other good sites also when you want.

Re: Doug and Timing

Take a look at

Some nice tech data there.

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HI GUYS, WOW yall dont miss a post! To do the job you will need a dial indicator, a degree wheel, timing light, and a assortment of offset keys, that is the littl moon keys that keep the crank and flywheel in time togeather. I have degreed cams for racing motors, never a moped, but it is all the same principal. ALL the mopeds I heard about come from the factory detuned (timing retarted) to limit our power, I am going to start on a AMF moped because I have about 6 with plenty of parts and it has a CDI ignition system, them try the Tomos A35, I hae 3 of those, so I have a few extra parts. I am a little slow with bad legs so it wont be dont tommorrow but will keep you informed on whats happening, Dont want you fellas burning your engines up...Thanks for your interest.. Doug D.

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HI, Its like Fred said, hook to a 12 volt batt, it marked T ...F should be on F...when flashes or real close...we will get to the faster stuff. DougD

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Give me your address and what pictures you want and will snail mail, no sanner....Doug D

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