Ignition and timing

Can anyone tell me if an '85 Spree nq50 has CDI or points ignition? I have read the "Simon..." posting but I still don't know what to do. If it doesn't have points what can I do to get the plug to spark? Where is the CDI? Behind the flywheel hub on this moped are 4 copper-coiled spokes and one without copper. On the outside diameter of the flywheel is a raised piece of metal that passes a probe in a small sealed box at the bottom of the revolution. I sanded the corrosion off of the two parts but nothing changed. Any thoughts?


Spree's have CDI's (no points)...

First thing.... Buy a brand new spark plug and try that.

Next look at the lead (wire) going from the coil to the plug and carefully look for a loose or cracked fit on each end.

Next trace the wire back from the coil heading down into the motor.

Next pull apart every plug connection along the way and look for a bad connection or corroded connection.... clean them good if they are suspect ... and try them again.

From here on out it gets worse...

You need to make sure the ignition switch is actually completing it's ON circuit.

Same with the switch on the h-bar.

Next you need to remove the CDI box (on the frame.. if a Spree has one) and have the Resistance values checked from a service manual.... same with the components by the flywheel.

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