Velosolex moped parts needed!

I have a 19?? Solex 5000 motorized bicycle. Does anyone know any part sources for this moped?

Re: Velosolex moped parts needed!

Reeperette /

I will look - I think there is a VeloSolex enthusiasts club somewhere on the net, and they probably do know where to get parts for one, if they are still up and could also contact Whizzer, cause they use a similar design to power thier own little gadget, and might know of part vendors.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but the Solex operates via a friction-pusher motor mounted above the front wheel ?

If memory does not fail, some of those parts can be found at the usual gamut of moped shops, try the links and resources section of this site.


Re: Velosolex moped parts needed!


I just got one recently too. For the best info on the Solex, go to the Solex Owners Of America Club in the Yahoo Clubs under "Motorcycles".

99% of the mechanical parts are available, but I haven't located a set of those 16" tires yet. I have a line on one though.

A hint for your Solex education: Read all the messages (1000+!) to get a great idea of the Solex and it's lore. All the normal questions have been covered at one time or another, but you are welcome to ask and participate.

You can contact me directly off this board if you like.

Jim C.

Re: Velosolex moped parts needed!


The Solex is truly the "Model T" of mopeds. No suspension, drive chain, real carburetor to speak of. Yet it is "fuel injected", fan cooled, and has a self contained lighting system. You can take the engine off the bike and run it independently as a unit.

I now have 3 of these strange beasts and if you appreciate mechanical things, you'll understand how over 8 million of these have been sold despite the shortcomings. They are even being built again, this time in Hungary.

Did I mention they claim 200 MPG? Don't expect speed though. They are built for the long haul.

Jim C.

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