I have a 1999 Kinetic Tfr, Which I have been repairing alot (person who i boutght it form wrecked it). Right now i have copper tubing going to a lawnmower replacment muffler. Its pretty loud, but one reason of that is there is a gap between the outside of the compper tubing and the exasut port it self. What could i use to seal this. I was thinking about some muffler patching poxy stuff. Also if anyone has any ideas on a cheap muffler, i am open to suggestions. Thanks

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Jon Dalton /

there is this stuff called 'high temp steel' or something that I used on my brother's car to hold the oxygen sensor in after the threads stripped and so far it works. It's supposed to get stronger with high temperature and the package says it's good for sealing cracks in exhaust. Ask at an auto parts store or something

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gimmejimmie /

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Thanks alot guys, i plan on going down to Trak auto this week and trying it out, ill tell you how it goes.

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Nice link, I looked, and this looked pretty good too.

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