Charging 81 express battery

i got a new battery for an 81 honda express thats a project of mine. stupid me, i filled the thing with acid, got out the charger, then looked around for a while realizing i have no idea how to charge the thing. theres no terminals, just wires coming from each side into a four way plug.

How do i charge this thing? thanks for any help-kevin

Re: Charging 81 express battery

1 amp for 12hrs, use bared wire into the plug to attach to the charger

Charging 81 express battery

Your battery may have come with extra adapters that you can cut up.

Re: Charging 81 express battery

If you just got a brand new battery, and filled the acid, you really shouldnt need to charge it. It should be at 90%

Re: Charging 81 express battery

If you just got a new battery, you need to charge it.

Yes, it's at 90%. If you don't charge it, that 90% is pretty much all you'll ever get. Plus, you might need to do this again someday.

Kevin, you have a battery, and a wire coming out of it that has four terminals, correct? Two of those will be the positive and negative terminals you're looking for. To charge it, as we know, you just need to connect the positive charger lead to the positive battery terminal, and the negative to the negative.

To find out which is which, use an analog volt meter (and see which way the needle swings). If you don' have one, you can also use a small DC electric motor - plug it in to the terminals coming off the battery until it spins up, and record the direction in which it spins. Then, figure out which leads off the charger make the motor spin in the same direction, and wire them one to one.

Once you figure out which terminals you need to connect to which leads, mark them.

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