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I'm glad you believe scooters and mopeds are basically the same thing. There are good reasons to believe this; one could develop clear arguments for or against this position and debate it in a logical and civil manner.

Instead, you have decided to use profanities -- which only lets us know that you are unable to think more analytically and develop logical and concise arguments. It's rather sad that you use such a stance to argue your position. I don't think one should never use profane language, but it is certainly not appropriate in this context or in this forum.

Secondly, you go out to personally attack a member of the Moped Army. This is just not a smart idea. Now, I'm not defending Carrie because she's "just a girl" or anything like that. I know Carrie; I'm certain she could more than take care of herself and does not need any display of outdated chivalry from myself or anyone else. But beyond this, your statement makes little sense. Observe:

"And you Carrie bitch, I'll stick my "dog" in your cat and fuck you silly."

I'm not going to go inot the intricate peculiarities of the use of your grammar or incorrect use of punctuation. Instead, let us simply analyze the content.

You use "Carrie" in this sentence as an adjective. At best, you may have been implying a simile, but, for the simile to work, your audience would have to associate the category "Carri" with the category "bitch." I'm not sure this is the case. Perhaps the use of punctuation (i.e. commas) or parenthesis would have helped clarify that you (probably?) meant to say that Carrie is a bitch. But your statement does not say that, in fact, and is rather puzzling.

Further, you mention that you will stick your "dog" (your quotation marks) on her "cat" (no quotation marks). The use of quotation marks implies that there is, perhaps, no "dog" (in the literal sense), but rather that the word is used metaphorically. If so, what is the metaphor? This is left most unclear. You then stipulate that your "dog" will fornicate with her cat and "fuck" you (i.e. Carrie) silly. This makes the statement quite confusing. Since it is unclear as to what "dog" you are refering too, it is even more unclear how the dog interacting with Carrie's cat will lead to (if this is a cause-and-effect statement) fornication with the cat's owner. Is the cat a metaphor also? If so, why is it not in quotation marks when the word dog is so clearly marked.

In short, what are you trying to say, lad? I would encourage you to brush up on your etiquette. But I would also encourage you to think before you speak (or, in this case, type).

Finally, I will say only this:


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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