pros cons za50/e50?

which is better?, does a stock magnum za50 perform better than a stock magnum e50?

Re: pros cons za50/e50?

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

Never had a ZA-50, but a buddy did. It was OK to me, he complained that there was a "lag" as it geared up.

Re: pros cons za50/e50?

it seems that most people seem to prefer the e50's... the general feeling i think, is that all things stock, the za50 will always beat the e50 off the line, but the e50 will always catch up to and pass the za50.

The e50's are also prefered for their simpler and more reliable design, and I hear that they're much less finicky when kitted, and much more tolerant of performance parts than their 2-spd brethren.

2spds are cool too though

there were also differences between e50's... some were 1.5HP, some were 2HP. The za50's have a rectantular, metal clutch cover, and the e50's typically had a round, plastic (although sometimes metal) clutch cover.. the e50's put on the mini-maxi (basically the same as the puch dart) however, were 2HP, and had a plastic clutch cover which was the same shape as the metal cover from a za50, making some people confuse them for a za50.

I'm sure there's a lot more information than what i've got to offer, i'm just sharing what i've gathered from owning a mini-maxi as my first moped (i no longer have the puch)

Re: pros cons za50/e50?

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Unless you're into paying lots of money, I wouldn't mess with za50s. They're more to buy, they're more to rebuild (if you can even find the parts), and they break.

I had a stock za50, with under 1000 miles on it. Rode it for under a year (about 9 months), and kablamo.

E50s are cheaper, all parts are available, and they're way easy to build.

However, riding a kitted za50 is one of the most fun bikes I've ever ridden...

Re: pros cons za50/e50?

It's not a Puch, but I've owned a Honda 2-speed with 17k miles on it. Ran great and quick off the line.

Re: pros cons za50/e50?

1 speeds are where its at!

Re: pros cons za50/e50?

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

E50 Pros/Cons

+ Simple as hell

+ Rugged

+ Easy to get parts

+ Reliable

- 1 speed means acceleration or top end with stock, not both

- Everybody has them (if you like having rare bikes it's a minus)

- low speed + hill = teh suck.


+ 2 speeds = excellent accerlation with no top end compromise

+ Great hill climbers with the low gear, won't get bogged down

- Very complicated motor... 200+ parts to the E50's 18 parts.

- most need rebuilding due to age

Here's the short version: If you want something simple to start out with, get an E50. Easy to fix even if you don't know anything about bikes, good beginner's motor. If you are experienced with small engines and want a challenge, go for the ZA50.

Re: pros cons za50/e50?

Matt that was the best way to put it .

Re: pros cons za50/e50?

John Joedicke /

Then there is the E50 Magnum X kickstart motors at 3.5 hp stock.

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