fouled spark plug

A bit ago my moped wouldn't start so i decided to check the spark plug and sure enough it was all black. So I changed it thinking that would fix it, and it did for about a month. Today I decided to go for a ride and it wouldn't start, so I checked the spark plug again and it was all black and fouled up. My question is why does it keep fouling up? I think the carb. is fairly clean, so i don't think it's that. But it could be, i don't know.

Please help.


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Re: fouled spark plug

Hey hey,

Sounds like an oil mixture problem. I dunno if your beast mixes oil automatically or if you do it manually when you fuel up. If it's manual, then double check the engine requirement spec's. If it's automatic, then have someone check out the oil pump. I dunno if it's adjustable or not, but a serious mechanic should be able to tell if something's not jiggy. Another thing you can try is gettin a hotter spark plug. I don't know how mechanically inclined you are, so if ya know what i'm talkin about, try it, if not, then ask someone who knows about such things and still give it a whirl. This otta help burn off the oil better and keep the whole system cleaner. I learned all this because I had a '73 vega when i was 16, and it used more oil than gas....Thanks for the bit on biturbo exhausts...i'm gonna get one once i pass the 300 mile break in on my critter...the hills here are a bitch. Hope this helps some...

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Re: fouled spark plug

Ataristyle /

Hey lane once you get that BiTurbo muffler on your 'ped after it has been broken in you should try getting that 25 tooth "pulling" sprocket for the hills by you to see if that helps. has those there.

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