I just purchased a biturbo exhuast pipe and absolutely love it! If anyone is considering getting one I would highly recommend it. First off they're loud, which in my mind is a plus. And second, they will give your moped about 5-7 more m.p.h., which is nice because my moped is a 1.5 hp and this upgrades it to a 2 hp

I updated my picture in my profile so check it out it if you want to see a picture of it.

Also, what does everybody else think of biturbos, or any expansion pipe that you might have??



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Re: Biturbo

Ataristyle /

I'm happy w/ it on my Targa LX. Gives it the extra power and topend right away. Biturbos arent that loud. I first installed it w/out a gasket and now that was loud. Try running a straight pipe on your moped if you want it to be loud. heh

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Re: Biturbo

i'm looking forward to a performance muffler myself ... glad to hear you are happy w/ yours. rock on!

Re: Biturbo

Brandon E /

I got a biturbo for my Newport and just put it on today. It's not much louder, but the tone sounds a lot healthier. I haven't had a chance to get it out on the road yet. I sure hope it works on the 2hp engine, because different engines require different expansion designs. Also, when you put an expansion pipe on a two stroke the engine runs leaner. I wonder if i'm gonna need to rejet. I'll keep an eye on the plug.

Re: Biturbo

I have a biturbo on one of my tomos mopeds and it made a big diffrence in the power. ANYONE looking for better performance should get one. I have not seen any reason to go to a bigger jet in the carb yet but will be looking closly when summer rolls around.


Re: Biturbo

frito bendito /

i've got a huge ass expansion chamber on my pipe ,but i got a 80cc dirtbike, and the power this thing has is so damn awsome, my friend has a tomos with a bi turbo pipe on it and it's nothin compared to my expansion chamber it's so huge.

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