Dell Orto Carb Adjt.

Alright out there in time and space since I forked out thirty dollars for a repair manual for my `78 baretta but it didn't give me any instruction for float bowl settings I'm looking for float level and float drop adjustments can anybody help me out

Re: Dell Orto Carb Adjt.

Reeperette /

Del Lorto ? give me a bit to see if I have one laying around in my kit to look at, for I do not recall offhand.

Or, someone else can grab this one.


Re: Dell Orto Carb Adjt.

What kind of Delorto is it? I have a 14/12 on my Minarelli and it doesn

Re: Dell Orto Carb Adjt.

I believe your right I took it all apart (not much to them really anyway thanks for your input. Paul

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