What if....

gimmejimmie /

What if there was a MOPED NAVY,

would the motto be: Swim and Deploy ?

Re: What if....

Brandon E /

LOL really hard! That was brilliant! Somebody call a doctor, my gut hurts.

Re: What if....

david f martin /

Riding home 11 miles from work in the rain, I might've well been in the Moped Navy, Submarine Division...


Re: What if....

Reeperette /

Ahoy there Mateys !

Actually..I've ridden through a hurricane before cause no one else up at my job (at the time) had the balls to come in, even though they had cars (this was common in snow as well, which is where the tire chains idea came out of) - and so off I went, to learn the hard way the difference between a water-RESISTANT and a water-PROOF snowmobile suit, mine being of the 'resistant' type.

You get by in a drizzle ok, but when it's comin down in sheets as thick as lead pipe with a 30mph wind backing it, you get WET, very much so.

Found out that Tomos is pretty forgiving as far as water all over the cylinder and perhaps some in the carb too, it did not stall out, even though it dogged a little bit.

The real cool part was when I parked it under the little roofed area of main gate, and due to temperature differential this mist sort of rose off of it and swirled around, would that I had a camera to get that shot.

As for that, If one could find any water around here not so contaminated that it would eat the hull of your boat, it's entirely possible to convert a moped engine to power a small boat, you would just need to adjust for different torque levels, and with a little chain and sprocket experimentation, it's very plausible.

It's mounting the torpedos that would be the hard part ;-)


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