Suzuki RV90

Anybody know anything about these? I went through craigslist and shot anybody who had a two wheeler under 500$ an email offering to trade for my junk.

here it is:


-Needs TLC does not run....been in storage for 10 years

-Fun little bike for kids

-1926 Miles since new

-325.00 or best offer

is it worth around 350$ish?

Suzuki RV90

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

I'd want the engine to be free, the body work to be in good shape and the tires holding air. And even then I would start by offering 200 and see where it goes. Of course I recommend doing this in person where you can actually inspect the bike so you have some leverage while bartering. Read through the

"buying guide": as it has a lot of good tips of what to look at when buying a used moped or motorcycle.

Re: Suzuki RV90

those are cool little bikes. if the engine and transmission seem to turn freely, and it's not rusted to hell, i'd say $2-300 would be fair

Re: Suzuki RV90

I concur.

Re: Suzuki RV90

Sold one just as nice, non running for $125 last summer. Where were you guys? nice lil bikes.

Re: Suzuki RV90

The RV90 is a great bike. Not fast, but it will climb and float over just about anything. (float, as in it won't sink in sand) Parts are still available, and the tires are standard ATV parts.

I'll bet you get it to run the same day you get it home.

Re: Suzuki RV90

I agree, 2-300 is a _good_ price.

Locally, though, I haven't even been able to find one under 500 dollars. I went back and forth with one seller about barter options, and he just wanted more than I was willing to give for an off-road vehicle.

Re: Suzuki RV90

holy crap, i was researching trail 90's and they must be made of gold.

Re: Suzuki RV90

I sure wouldn't pay that much...If I found it, fixed and cleaned it up...I still wouldn't get more than $500 for it.

Re: Suzuki RV90

Luke Evans /

They did a 50 as well (RV50 Vanvan) and they still produce the RV125 Vanvan (they use a 4 stroke 125cc engine though) as far as i know the earlier ones all have two stroke engiens and are pretty reliable,


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