You guys are pussies

I beleive mopeds include scooters. A spree is a fucking moped. Even a yahama 180 scooter is a moped. We need to stick together itn eh scooter community. Fuck all that only pedal bullshit and allow bigger scooters, or what i call mopeds into the army.


Sean Johnston

Re: You guys are pussies

Brandon E /

I would agree with you, but even the law says different. In South Dakota, a moped has to have less than 50cc engine, no or automatic transmission (no manual shifting), working headlight,taillight,and brakelight, and working pedals. If it has no working pedal system, it is classified as a motorcycle and then needs to be licensed, registered, and insured. The rider would have to have a motorcycle license, too. Mopeds only requre an automobile driver's license. I don't hate scooters, I even own a go-ped. I'm just tellin' it like it is.

Re: You guys are pussies

Re: You guys are pussies

Hey, I used to own a Yamaha Razz and loved it. It was stolen by dirty little thieves and wrecked beyond belief. But don't get all upset at moped riders, either, Sean.

I just don't get it. You want us all to stick together, but then you call us "pussies" and start throwing obsenities at us. Is that how we stick together?

Look, the debate over what is and is not a moped is long and arduous. I think scooters have definite advantages over mopeds (and mopeds have advantages over scooters). But I do stand by the "mo" (motor) "ped" (pedal) part of the definition -- regardless of engine displacement. I'd call a 5000cc machine a "moped" if it had pedal starts.

I'm glad you enjoy your scooter. Sprees are pretty nice, and common enough so that you can get parts easily if you have any problems. I agree w/ Dave B, check out the Jedi Knights. But I think they're only a Vespa club. Or you can start your own club for scooter riders. I think you should.

But don't harrass the Moped Army. First, what have we ever done to you? Second, it's just not a good idea ...

good idea!

Say, Sean, great plan there. That is a great way to get what you want. "Fuck you! Let me in!". Gee guys, I really think we should consider what this irrational asshole has to say. Sure, we've talked about this before and made our decisions, but being called a "pussy" really makes me reconsider.


Re: You guys are pussies

Reeperette /

What real difference does it make, other than Semantics, as long as one enjoys riding ?

If it's power yer after though, I reccommend the Honda Helixx, a 244cc Automatic transmission "Scooter" that kicks it up pretty good.

Your adversarial position here makes little sense, you do realize ?


Re: good idea!

Ron Brown /


It's refreshing to see that irrational profanity can still overcome rational thought and logic.


Re: semantics

I hate to carp on this, but I really resent the word "pussy" being used to indicate weakness or inadequacy. I may be a wee little girl, but I promise you, I fight hard and dirty. You don't want to fuck with the Moped Army...ESPECIALLY the "pussy" owners. So in a national call for a return to sane, rational discourse, can we please drop that particular usage? Pussies are cats. Remember that or you might get scratched!


Re: semantics

rock on carrie!

Re: semantics

Got any pictures of the ?

Re: semantics

Ron Brown /

You mean he was not talking about cats!

Now I'm offended too.

Re: You guys are pussies

vanilladog /

Yeahm but you gotta agree... all legal BS aside, that a 50cc scooter is just as much a moped as a 50cc bike with pedals! When are we going to get a big enough lobby going to keep politicians from f**king up our lives. I think a moped should be treated as a bicycle, and have NO registration (as a few states are lucky enough to be). Here in NJ, they use that stupid PEDALS clause in the moped classification, and it keeps me from getting scooters, except the few that have hideaway pedals on them. It's a CONSPIRACY, I tell ya! Oh, by the way, hi!

'Nilla dog

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