OT: Other hobbies?

here's one of mine that I rarely get a chance to do.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

I love those old suzuki's

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

woodworking. I dont know why I like it because I get mad every time I build something but I keep comming back.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

playing guitar and banjo.



Re: OT: Other hobbies?

I also like to do this:

Re: OT: Other hobbies?


ice fishing

riding bicycles

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

I like to carve....

I like to draw...

I like to paint....

I absolutely love playing guitar about the best of all.

I also like burning images with a magnifying glass.

I like canoing.

I like hiking.

I like flying.

I like girl bottoms.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

I'm with you Mike I love my Boat.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

Also enjoy boating....

I really love bowling. So much that I got myself a bowling machine and restored it. That leads to now I also really get into electromechanical machines.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

i am just into mopeds motor bikes and i a lot of computer i play <nukezone.nu> way to much and a bit of counter strike and star craft.

p.s nuke zone is a it complex and i am horrible at teaching people how to play so i won't

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

Does somewhere about 3000 hours flying Hang Gliders count?

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

I tattoo


Did alot of other stuff, but school/tattooing/riding pwn me.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?


Re: OT: Other hobbies?

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

I play bass and a little bit of guitar.

I spend a lot of time listening to music, finding new bands, and going to concerts. I also work at my school's radio station. And I've become sort of a collector of vinyl records.

I've always been really into bicycles, and I enjoy collecting junk bikes I find.

I make stencils, which I mostly design in photoshop. I've always been into art of varying forms since I was a little kid. For awhile I did photography and loved working in a darkroom, but I wasn't very good.

I've been tie-dying and selling it at craft fairs since I was in about 6th grade.

I spend a lot of time at my computer.

That's pretty much the most of it.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

That's gorgeous dude! I dabble a bit myself.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

Here's more.


what do you have deezy? and please don't post that pic of your naked ass on a moped.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

Let's play! C'mon over. I got a bass amp all warmed up for ya. I can play til dawn, or unless I break too many strings, or til I fall so hard on the drum set that I can't get back up.

I also make unique videos that dance with my music.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?


It is necessary for us to meet. That is all

Nickerbocker, is that Andsel Adams? Nice! Digital?

I like making things and fixing things. I like throwing (clay, on a wheel) and glass working. I lampwork a good bit and am addicted to it. Right now one of my biggest hobbies is having a job and applying to grad school.

Hold on I will put up some pictures in a minute


Re: OT: Other hobbies?

hahhaa, that's my tripod's work. Ummm crap I gotta go right now, but I got some stuff posted on this thread in various seperate posts. Wishmy ol' Minolta 35 still had a good shutter!

"Here's a linky but look through the thread":https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/1/603127/603095/

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

Got a hide-away in the basement near the bowling machine. C'mon over and visit! Libby rode her moped here from PA last summer, and spent 4 days with me. It's not impossible.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

mosty digital, the pinhole is all film.

my lil bro does glasswork. mostly hard glass, but he starting the soft stuff.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

i build banjos, but mopeds have literally sapped all of my attention away from that. and, as ludicrous as it may sound, i feel like both activities present me with the same types of problems to solve.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

and of course

Also black and white photography

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

Jay, you build banjos????

Wholy shit. I am going to email you.


I do mostly hard glass work too, but soft glass is a lot of fun. Does your brother have a website? Where is he located?

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

Wind turbine:

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

Im gona need an explaination on those last three pics julian.

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

Thats a home made wind turbine. Build from an old wheel hub, two big brake rotors, some rare earth magnets, and wood, steel, etc

It works. I just have it sitting in the cabin right now if anybody wants a 24V wind turbine...

Re: OT: Other hobbies?

also psychedelics and bicycles

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