does anyone know where i can get any engine diagrams for my garelli?

Re: diagrams

yes, if you have a minarelli v.1 engine, you can use a minarelli repair manual. it has wiring diagrams and engine schematics. but that's all i know of. someone else can help you out, i'm sure, for more specific questions.

Re: diagrams

is there an internet site where i could view them?

Re: diagrams

Best bet is to see if you can purchase a manual (they're really cheap). But you can also check out:

<A HREF="http://www.msfaq.com/personal/cimatti">http://www.msfaq.com/personal/cimatti/</A>

It's s site about the Cimatti moped, but it's got wiring diagrams and parts schematics for a Minarelli V.1 engine, so pretty good for any Minarelli-based moped.

Re: diagrams

gimmijimmie /

Hi Miguel,

How can I print out this wiring diagram so it's on one page?


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