update on my free jawa X30

found out that thyristor works (whew!). cleaned stator, installed plug wire,have spark.

got it to run on aux. tank. not well. will rebuld carb while i wait for vlado to send me petcock, and for my tires to come in.

what a score this is turning out to be.

picked up a yellow 78 honda p50II hobbit for 10 dollars today. it's all there and turns over.

live is good in mopedland, AZ.

Re: update on my free jawa X30

whoa. $10 hobbit.

Re: update on my free jawa X30

yeah--nice, huh? i love hondas. i don't know about their mopeds (i dumpster-scored a spree once and got it to run), but i love their motorcycles. i have a 60's super 90 project that i got for 40 bux. have had a cx500, ca77, ct90, and a cb100.

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