1972 Garelli

i just got this garelli the other day from a frieds, it has been sitting for awahile but is still worked, after some cleaning and fixing, it worked, the problem is that anytime the back wheel is stopped it kills the engine, is there anyway to fix this problem

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Try reading Brick's meassage a few down.

Re: 1972 Garelli

Hi, sounds like the clutch may need cleaned up, may have some rust,ect. keeping it from returning..Doug D.

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or is simply an idle problem? check to see if it idles w/o brakes or anything (on kickstand). if not, that might be the problem ... that's my current problem, anyhow. but it's a simple fix.

Re: 1972 Garelli

it idles fine on the kickstand

Re: 1972 Garelli

if it idles on the kickstand, then it's not an idle problem. i'd listen to doug.

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Here is the problem with the garelli starter clutch. Unlike most wet clutches that use a friction plate to engage the clutch , the garelli uses an expanding rubber insert that fits inside the clutch drum. This was a good Idea at the time because the rubber insert did not really wear and was replacable for about $4.50 . Of course they are no longer available and fetch a slightly higher price now. The problem is that after years of sitting in the engine they become oil impregnated and begin to swell causing the starter clutch to drag. Some times you can simply back off on the cable adjustment to keep this from happening. Something that I have found to work occasionally is to take the rubber insert out. Dry it off using brake cleaner and then putting it in the freezer for a few days. When it defrosts it will be slightly smaller. Of course before you do any of this check to make sure that the cable is adjusted properly and that the cable is in good shape and not hanging up causing the starter clutch to be engaged all of the time. In a worse case scenario we do have one of those inserts left in stock. But try to salvage yours first.


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Re: 1972 Garelli

thanx alot for the advise, i'll take it apart and have a look at it

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