sticky crank.

I was putting my kit on i spun my crank and it would stick a little before moving smoothly again all they way around.

could i have bent my crank?

Re: sticky crank.

move to repair?

Re: sticky crank.

is your cylinder all torqued down with the head on? id so, your piston could be touching your head/sparkplug, or piston skirt rubbing on the crank. but, if all your ignition components are still in place, that could be the reason. check for other possible bent parts. (clutch, etc)

you should add alittle more detail to your threads, it can be a help to both you and us. because honestly, i dont know if your engines all apart, or maybe just the jug rem oved.

Re: sticky crank.

the cylinders off, i havent even put it on. It was like that when I took my old cylider off.



Re: sticky crank.

If you can take the crankshaft out, you could check the individual bearings and feel for flat spots. Joe

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