New brake shoe?

I replaced the rear brake shoes on my Batavus.the old ones wouldn't grab,only slow you down. The new ones do the same. I cleaned the housing and light sanded it ,but still the same. Dan

Re: New brake shoe?

Reeperette /

Check the pin...I dunno what it's called, but there's this pin or somesuch in there that turns, sort of from this | to this -- and when it does that it pushes the shoes against the drum.

If that pin is worn, that could be the problem.


Re: New brake shoe?

That... Or.... Has there ever been any oil or grease that got onto the shoes or drum?

If there is any chance of that... hose out the drum and the shoe surfaces with aerosol brake cleaner from the auto parts store.

Re: New brake shoe?

where did you get brake shoes from for a Batavus?

Re: New brake shoe?

i cleaned with brake cleaner ,stil dont grab

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