70's Electric Aermacchi Project

It's under very low power at the moment (24v, 1W) so yeah, it looks slow, but I have tested it with 48 volts and much higher current, and it screams... Now I just need to finalize a plan for mounting batteries.

Just had to share :)

Re: 70's Electric Aermacchi Project

You ingenuity is commendable, but WHY a perfectly good old Aermacchi???? That's so wrong.

Re: 70's Electric Aermacchi Project

$70 with no engine... it was meant to be!

That's a 15HP ETEK Mars (ironic, no?) motor with a Kelley controller which has regenerative braking. I haven't wired up the pot for the brake control yet, but that will come next.

Re: 70's Electric Aermacchi Project

noahtodras /

i... am very impressed. regenerative braking? wow! how convenient will it be to charge? you should get a toptank, put a door in it, clean it, and put all your hardware in there! this seems awesome, i want to see how it turns out. get more efficient with it, get rich, and then make an electric bike with a motor on the front too!

Re: 70's Electric Aermacchi Project

B r e n d a n C a m p b e l l /

awesome! i am psyched for you on this!

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