Ghetto mopeds story (long, but funny)

It was a 1999 Targa LX we bought for $300, that had been crashed into a jeep. It ran, but the enitre front end was demolished. I rode it home with the handle bars pointing in a 90 degree angle to the right, and the bent wheel wobbling back and forth mad-crazy-silly like u wouldnt beleive. I actually got it up to 30 mph. Had to rig a peugeot 103 forks and front wheel to make it work. Those forks were so skinny, man did they ever twist like they were toothpicks. All the wires and stuff wouldnt reach the little gauges on the front so there was this huge mass of wires dangling out that would spark and looked pretty cool at night. Also, the grips had been CUT off, which we prompty super-glued back on. Also, the round peugeot headlight had to be taped on since it was never meant to fit on a tomos! There were hardly any brakes to speak of, and my friend actually hit a parked car once with the owner standing there watching him. He was only going like 10 mph, but it was funny to me and my friend, but the owner was pissed. Since it was an LX, it had the top tank, which was also duct taped to the frame on the part between where your ankles would be, since the mount to hold it had be snapped in the jeep crash. It had no panels, only the right side signals worked, both of which were missing the orange lenses. It was missing the left crank, and there was a bolt instead of a pedal on the other one. It also rattled like nothing ive ever heard. It was trully tha worst ghetto-trash moped i have ever seen, and despite all that, it ran great, with the exception of the sprak plug wire always falling off, since the cap had been smashe also in the accident. It was stolen about a month ago, unfotunetly, and i havent seen it since.

Ive rigged up other ghetto mopeds too. There was this old motobecane that i had that was noting but the engine, frame and wheels. (No lights, brakes, seat, etc.) Fastest motobecane i ever rode. I actually rode it quite a bit until i jumped it off a ramp into the local river, which i might add is the most fun thing ive ever done. It took me a week to rebuild the eninge, and dri it all out. however, I taco-ed the front wheel, since i landed in the water, and the motobecane landed on a nearby log. (For those of you who dont know what it means to "taco a wheel, its when the wheel is bent in the middle, so much so that it looks like its in the shape of a taco shell.) its been in my garge evr since. I have a plan to hang it from a tree over top of the river as a sorta landmark as to what i did.

Re: Ghetto mopeds story (long, but funny)

gimmejimmie /

superglue, duct tape, boogers, wire and a taco wheel, gotta see it.

post a pic like this one:

Re: Ghetto mopeds story (long, but funny)

Reeperette /

Damn, and I thought I was nutz to ride the "Frankenbike" (See My Tale on Site)


Re: Ghetto mopeds story (long, but funny)

scooter trash /

you are insane

lets see the pics !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have a pretty ghetto moped, gold Cimati frame, white gas tank, blue and green Puch forks, cant even hazard a guess what the wheels are from, and an electrical system I rigged up myself. But your bike beats mine for ghetto hands down.


Re: Ghetto mopeds story (long, but funny)

Unfortunelty, i have no picks of the ghetto tomos, as it wasnt around that long, when it got stolen. And since i no longer have it, i cant take more pics. Ill try to take a pic of the motobecane after i hang it from the tree though!

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