marriage of honda express/ct70

does anyone know if it possible/a good idea to put a carb from a ct70 on a honda express to increase performance? of course the intake manifold must also be changed. would this not only work but increase performance? thanks for your help.

marriage of honda express/ct70

I have never put a carb from a 4 stroke on a 2 stroke... But it might work.

But the jetting will probably not be correct.. and you will have to fiddle with that.

If it is free... give it a try.

Always watch spark plug color when making that type of change.

Re: marriage of honda express/ct70

The Keihin carburettor on a CT70 is designed for 4strokes, it will work on a 2stroke but it won't be as good as a carburettor that was designed for 2stroke use.

I'm don't know about the express, but some 2strokes have a rubber flap inside the inletmanifold to prevent gasses going out of the engine carter through the carb on the downstroke of the piston, so you'd best adapt the original manifold to fit on the Keihin.

Also (like Fred said), the jetting in the Keihin is for a 72cc 4stroke engine, this won't work propperly on a 2stroke. On a 72cc it'll probably have something around 85-90 for main jet, the pilot jet is always 35 on Honda 4strokes.

Re: marriage of honda express/ct70

don't bother, it's the exhaust that really restricts it( imo)

better torque from small carb.

drill the mainjet if you must, but it's a one way mod ;o)

my nc50 really revs out with gutted pipe & airfilter removed.


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