Bultaco Metralla

Anyone know a lot about Bultaco motorcycles? I'm looking at getting on in a trade that is supposedly worth $5000. It's a 1970 Bultaco Metralla that is an ex race bike in Indianapolis.

give me some info.

i found a site that sells some sweet racing fairings for them fairly cheap.

Re: Bultaco Metralla

spork Guarnierius /

Awesome bikes! One of the coolest and best performing small singles out there. The main thing that I'd worry about is that it is an ex race-bike (they're usually beaten instead of babied). I've always lusted after them but they are usually a little too pricey for me.

Re: Bultaco Metralla

Yes yes yes. Bultaco's were some of the most successful vintage race bikes , particularly in the MX and trials and enduro events. Their road bikes were awesome, though. That thing is definitely not worth $5k, and doesn't look like much of a race bike...perhaps amateur racing, but that seat, the headlight, the kickstand and the lack of safety wiring say it was never a real AHRMA racer.

Sweet, sweet bike, though, I would love to have one (I really want a TSS). If it's a decent deal I totally go for it, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Make sure it's in good mechanical shapre; the amateur racing bit would make me somewhat cautious, but it might be in fine shape.

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if it doesn't run i wouldn't pay 500 bucks for it. no telling how expensive parts are for that thing.

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all i could find on ebay was piston rings, gear shift return spring, and a few gaskets and seals.

would be an awesome bike if it ran. just not enough info to warrant a 5000 dollar lawn ornament you know?

Re: Bultaco Metralla

Only body parts are expensive...running gear has much on common with MX bikes. Worth more than 5 grand in good shape.

If you don't want it I'll buy and pay you a hundred bucks just for finding it...

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Oh it runs and runs great. The only marks from racing is some rash on the forks and a few dings on the tank which I plan on replacing anyway. The seat doesn't look like a racing seat I agree. It seems like a deal to me. Its two stroke and did 103 stock.

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Yes, Bultaco made only two-strokes, on and off-road. I agree with bukwheat, they are worth over 5 grand in good shape, though not terribly more, say maybe $6-$7k for a really nice one.

That one needs a bit of work just cosmetically, and like I said I would be concerned about the engine on an amateur race bike even more than a pro one.

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i know where there is a bultaco frame/tank in a junkyard next to a scooter shop. sounds like theyre rebuilding the engine though, thankfully.

Re: Bultaco Metralla

Fred Melonhead /

those of you who claim to "not see" safety wriing ... have eyes a LOT better than mine !

What is anything worth ?

Its "worth" whatever people will - or will not pay for it.

.... Its worth about 2 goats to a Mongol goatherd.

If you need to ask on the internet "whats its worth" ... you probably should'nt be buying it ... you could get screwed basing your guess - on other peoples guesses .. especially if they don't own any of the above.

Re: Bultaco Metralla

Chill the eff out melonhead. If the guy needs advice this is the perfect place for it...

Re: Bultaco Metralla

Steve Williams /

if it's the one in the pic that's a metrella road bike that's been screwed around with.not very well either by the look of it,this guy is excellent for bultaco spares-http://www.bultacouk.com/

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