Anyone ever thought about hacking a CDI?

david f martin /

The idea being that as you go faster, the "enhanced" CDI advances the spark timing... Just wondering...


Capacitor Discharge Ignition

All the CDI's I know of already advance the timing.

That is one of their advantages.

If you wonder if yours does... just get the ped running and connect a timing (strobe) light and watch the timing marks on your flywheel as you play with the throttle.

They will typically advance from 5 or 10 degrees advance to 20 to 35 degrees advance at higher rpm.

As far as increasing the advance could take off the flywheel and slot the mounting holes in the backing plate which the trigger coil is mounted on and advance the timing a static amount.

As far as messing with a CDI unit... They are almost always a circuit board in a metal box that is then filled with hot epoxy which is to stabilize temp and stop vibration from breaking fragile components later on.

I know of one guy who was desperate to fix his broken CDI and attempted to boil it in oil (!!!!) to dissolve the epoxy away to get to the component that had gone bad..... It didn't work in the end.

Re: Anyone ever thought about hacking a CDI?

well, it does increase spark and performence. try it

Re: Anyone ever thought about hacking a CDI?

gimmiejimmie /

listen to what Fred said in his earlier post

it's a sealed unit, it's like cutting open a turd, you don't want to do that.

Re: Capacitor Discharge Ignition

J.L.Baron /

If your moped is a two stroke the ignition should retard not advance. Most of the two stroke moped,s I have come into contact with have fixed ignition.

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