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gimmiejimmie /


electric, hand signal, or none at all,...What do you use?

For me, it depends on the situation, but hand signals usually. But alot of motorists don't know what they mean, they DO know the universal hand signal:

the raised fist...middle finger...straight UP!!!


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Brandon E /

Well, I've never had my moped out of the countryside (that'll all change come springtime, now that i have a moped that can climb hills under it's own power) so I've never had to bother. My new-used puch has the wiring harness for signals so maybe I'll put some orange bullet lights at each corner. Then again, I never signal downtown in my car, either. Yeah, I live life on the edge :-)

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I don't think anyone in Kzoo has turn signals. Most mopeds (as opposed to scooters) do not. Some do, but none of us owns the beautiful and renowned Vespa Grande. :-(

Most of the guys here seem to use hand signals quite regularly. I'm rather sloppy, and use it only when turning left and it's not obvious that I should be doing so. So, if I'm merging towards the left or something like that. Usually, though, I just get in the left turn lane and sit there waiting for the light to change. Then I just go, since giving the signal would be redundant, I think. Turning right, I hardly ever do it (though I probably should), unless there's a car right on top of me. I guess I like to keep both hands on the handlebars ...

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Ataristyle /

In Chicago it is a must for me to use the turn signals on my Tomos Targa LX. I'm passed up by traffic on busy roads but when I need to get into the left lane because I need to make a left turn soon I put the blinker on and wait for an opening : )

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i dont have signals, but i use hand signals on left turns. if i didnt, i suspect i'd get run over..but usually i try and drive on streets with little traffic so i dont really need to..

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Reeperette /

I use em, and have mounted em to 'peds that did not have em on there when built, not that anyone really pays attention to them, but in heavy traffic situations...since the horn of a Tomos sounds like a somewhat pathetic duck call, I've taken to carrying a whistle on a lanyard.

I want over, I do signal, but moped signals are not really bright enough to be fully visible during the day, so I pull nearby, and blow the whistle, and point to the lane I am moving to...and if he don't like it, he gets a few more signals of less polite type.

As for left turns, now...one thing that drives me tack-spitting pissed in a heartbeat....I got mangled during a left turn specifically, it is quite literally the most dangerous highway manuver with a moped that there is.

First you have to cross multiple lanes of traffic, usually, to GET to the turn lane, and then you have to wait till you have a gap large enough to get through with the mopeds lesser accelleration...and while the light is green.

You could pull out into the intersection, and wait till it goes yellow and everyone stops, sure...but I damn near got killed that way, by someone hitting the gas and blasting through when they saw the light changing.

And that brings me to this.....

The guy sitting on yer ass, hammering his horn, cause HE thinks that gap is big enough to turn through, when you know it is not....and mind, those oncoming folks have the right of way, and with the selfish, impatient attituds of this day and age, do not depend on them slowing down to ensure you can get out of the intersection.

Anyhow, I have a policy for this situation.

If one blows his horn at me, while I am waiting to make a left, I get OFF the 'ped, with my favorite bit of chain wrapped around one fist, and go see what his damn problem is....if he doesn't run, and wishes to be agressive, I can indeed oblige him, but if he stays and chooses to bitch, I put that damn metal pegleg of mine up on his door, and look him in the eye, tell him "Last time I let some dick like you shove me into making an unsafe left....any questions ?"

There usually ain't any, and I get back on my 'ped and on my way.

Of course...and it's only happened once..if he stays buttoned up in his car and continues to honk, or threatens me with the vehicle, he loses those nice expensive sealed beam headlights and mayhaps a windshield too.

So if you find yourself behind me whilst I am making a left...you WAIT, capsice ?


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As my moped involves hanging on for dear life as we rattle through the streets of Kalamazoo (it has no suspension whatsoever), I do not use hand signals. I just try to stay on.

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gimmejimmie /

I hear you Ree, I'm down with your "policy". I can imagine the looks on the cagers faces when they are confronted like that! Theres nothing worse that being tailgated on a two wheeler.

I can relate to your left turn misfortune also, I was involved in a classic left turn collison years ago. I was riding a 650 Triumph doing 50mph when some old fart in a Toyota Corolla made a left turn in front of me.

I hit him head on, I didn't have a chance to avoid it. I totaled his car with my body and bike, it was near fatal for me, I didn't walk for 6 months but I didn't lose any limbs. It was a long recovery but here I am tappin on this keyboard and riding the wind, like you.

I guess any advice I could pass on is ride defensively, as if no one can see you, like your "invisible" because of the careless, impatient motorists that won't share the road with two wheelers.

btw Ree, if your "favorite bit of chain" isn't handy, keep old spark plugs in your coat pocket, they make great ammo to hurl at those tailgaters.....gimmejimmie

Re: ((( NEW POLL )))

I have never had functioning turn signals... And I try to avoid traffic... But if I have to mix it up with cars I will use the proper hand signals to help let my intentions be known... mostly for lefts.

Proper hand signals??... I have pulled up to intersections on motorcycles with the turn signals removed and given the proper signals.. and I think less then 10 percent of the people know what I am doing.

I have had 2 people think I was a goof "waving" at them !...and give me a big silly grin and wave back.....

Yeah... I was waving bye bye to you, buddy !!

why do cars rush!!!???

I've never had a serious moped accident ... and I don't look forward to one. I've been in enough regular vehicle collisions to know better (I was hit by a bus while in a Montero that rolled over three times from the impact). And I totally concur w/ the assessment of car drivers ... or cagers ... as they were called.

Soon after I gave up cars in 1995, I realized that people who own cars can be (not all the time, but lots of the time) reall arses. They won't walk two blocks to the corner store; they will waste more time looking for the "perfect" parking space than it would take them to walk 1-2 miles from home; they have no consideration for pedestrians or others who are not in their vehicle (and often for people in their vehicle, too).

I hope I can live in a large enough city where I'll never have to buy cars. I would miss walking (and riding my moped, of course) just too damn much.

I never understood the rush ... and it's their rush that makes them dangerous to other people. My moped is in need of repairs right now, and I've been walking to work (about 1.7 miles). Everyone think I'm nuts. But it takes me just a bit longer than taking the bus (I can walk the distance in 25 min flat). I know two guys that lives half the distance (one of the across the street!) and it takes them longer to get to work than it takes me to walk. And walking is free. And they think I'm insane?!

Walking, riding bicycle, mopeding ... you get to ENJOY the weather. Snow, rain, sunshine, wind ... it's all awesome, all the time. Too cold? Bundle up. Too warm? Wear less clothing. And I can go slow enough to enjoy every second of it ... not to mention that I can stop on a dime and chat w/ anyone I know. Can't do that in a car! ;-)

Well, her'es to Ree and all the other hardcore moped riders out there. Keep fighting the good fight. Soon as I get my ped fixed, I'll be out there in the trenches again. Man, I can't wait!

Re: why do cars rush!!!???

gimmiejimmie /

are you still having problems with those cables Miguel? You need a back-up ped for down times like this.

Re: ((( NEW POLL )))

gimmejimmie /

I've had people wave back at me too Fred, I make a funny face and stick my tongue out at them.

Re: ((( NEW POLL )))

Ron Brown /

Let's not forget that every time we laugh and wave to a car full of kids, we stand a chance of increasing the next generation of two wheelers. Maybe we get to some adults too.

Just make sure your wave does not look like a turn signal.


Re: because they can!!!

Ron Brown /


If the point of a moped is to "smell the roses", how come everyone is looking for ways to make thier ped go faster?

You would not do that would you? :-)


Re: because they can!!!

Yeah, my moped is still down. It's too damn cold to work on it (my fingers go numb), and I need someone to help me through it on-site. I'm also hoping to get a spare moped for when my poor little "Lucia" is down.

And no, I don't want to go very fast, at least not except for during the Moped Army BBQ races! ;-) A good solid 30mph is fine for me. It puts just enough wind in your hair to make it fun. Heck, I was having a blast when my moped wasn't making 10mph! ;-)

But, yeah, cars going fast are so ridiculous. I beat a carful of punk frat/sorority kids on a 5+ mile stretch on a main road (45mph speed limit, which means most people go 50) just because they caught every light! They laughed at me the first time ... then I rolled up next to them (and past them) to the front ... they laughed the second time ... not so much the third light ... then I was laughing at them the whole rest of the time. Funny thing is ... I saw the same car on the way home ...and beat them in that direction! ;-)

Moral of the story: I was driving a machine that did abou 1/3 to 1/2 their speed and made the same distance in the same time. Advanntage: the guy w/ the cheaper vehicle who could also park at the front entrance of the store and didn't have to look for a parking space for 20 mins.

Rock on!

Re: because they can!!!

gimmejimmie /

the classic "Hare and Tortoise" moral.

Re: ((( NEW POLL )))

gimmejimmie /

yeah, I was behind a schoolbus at a redlight one time and the kids were doing their usual monkey faces in the back windows, so I had some fun and returned some faces of my own.

I turned to my left and there was a cop sitting next to me laughing his ass off, I looked back at the kids and so were they!

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Reeperette /

For the record, I have indeed been flagged down more than once, to hear "that thing is badass" and "where can I get one ?" from several folk.

I want more power out of mine, simply cause the avg speed differential between them and me, around here..is a stock mopeds 30mph vs thier 45Mph....in a 35Mph zone....I want that extra speed mostly for safety, which is one reason why I've dismounted the kit, and will prolly just upgrade the hell out of the stock 50cc.

The kit's a pain in the ass, too - imma frustrated with having to nitpick it every single ride just to keep it working, which is more or less what you have to do.

The most interesting flagdown was on my trike, with my mangled but not-yet-gone leg thrown up between the handlebars....it was an older gentleman, of courtly politeness, who wanted one for himself so that he would no longer be dependant on others for transportation, since his legs weren't working so well anymore.

I was quite happy to point him in the right direction, as far as where to look, anyhow.

If you must have a trike, try this link - http://www.hondagryo.com and check out the Gyro-UP model....no Trikes are made or imported to the US anymore, but you can order em from Honda and have em shipped for about $3500.00 US Dollars (it's a real chitload of yen!)

It's a damn nice compromise somewhere between wheelchair and car, and is one hell of a lot more fun !


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