Gas is now stored in a baking pan - please help!

Does anyone have any idea as to why all the gas would have abruptly run fleeing from my gas tank onto the ground? Or any ideas as to how to fix it? So far as I can tell, there is no hole in the gas tank, but what do I know?

Please help me solve this smelly mystery! My landlord wants his pan back.

Re: Gas is now stored in a baking pan - please hel

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I couldn't resist that last post of mine about the mug,but seriously now , check the on / off valve where it screws into the gas tank and trace the fuel line down to the carb., if that part is dry, then you have a stuck needle valve inside your carb and should be repaired by someone qualified. Leaking gas indoors is a killer!

Re: Gas is now stored in a baking pan - please hel

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A number of things could cause this but first you do want to isolate the area that it is leaking from. If the fuel valve is leaking, your best bet is to replace it, same with the fuel line. Fuel line tends to get hard and can crack or not seal well with age. This is especially true if imitation fuel line is used. And believe me a lot of dealers use standard poly tubing as it can be bought for less than 5 dollars per hundred foot length. If the carb is leaking you could have a worn inlet needle or seat or it could be just dirty or varnished up. The float may have become dammaged or it might have a hole in it. Another often overlooked cause of fuel leakage is that the vent for the carburetor bowl is obstructed. In any event you should always turn the fuel valve to the off possition when the moped is not running and as long as the valve works, you should get no or little leakage.

Btw. What make and model moped have you got.


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Re: Gas is now stored in a baking pan - please hel


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