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Ron Answering your questions i wanna fix my Urban express itsa in to nice of shape to go slow

How many miles?2000

Has it been like this since you got it?Yes

How long has that been?6 months maybe more

Is the exhaust port and pipe clean? Yes

Have you tried it without the air cleaner?Yes

Are you sure the throttle opens all the way?Yes

Have you checked the timing?No its Cdi syestem

SOME ONE HELP ME all ideas welcome Fox

Re: Evan

Ron Brown /


That was a great post, all the detail anyone could ever want!

Why don't people do that when they ask a question I may be able to answer?

Bty, what is the current definition of "slow"? :-)

Seriously, I suspect it is going at the speed the manufacturer designed it to go, you mostlikely have to go the pipe and or carb route.

Hopefully, someone else has done this and can help.


Re: Evan

Well at first when the fuel filter was clogged it would only run for a few minutes but it would fly at like 35 This model is supposed to be exactly like an Elite 50 1985 only this model is a 1983 some what differt model i know it has to run faster at first it did then when i fixed the fuel filter so it would run then it never broke 25 it doesnt get high revs at all what does happen is that it gets there chokes on it and the every minute or so i will get a 3 second burst of 2 cycle and then it passes leaving it four cycling. I have taken muffler airfilter off mm not sure about the carb but think so.Is there some restricter in this and off hand where would it be i mean for any model if it had one.


Re: Evan

Ron Brown /


I am not familiar enough with this motor to know about restrictions, however, it sounds like you are running way too rich.

When you had a plugged filter, the reason it ran so well just before it died, was that the mixture was leaning out from lack of flow to the carb.

Check that the float in the carb is in good shape. If it is metal, shake it to make sure it has no liquid in it, if it is composite, check for saturation. If the needle valve is leaking significantly, it will leak gas as long as the petcock is on. You sometimes have to look in the intake to see this.

If all of the above is ok, go to the bike shop with your main jet and a magnifier and compare your jet to a new one. If the look the same, try a smaller main jet, but be carefull of going too lean as you will seize the motor.


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