The Beast is Back !

Reeperette /

Check this site out, and you tell me if that "Tomos Classic" is not, in fact, a recreation of the baddest moped ever, the Golden Bullet TT LX.

This puppy is just asskick, all the way...I'd trade up my Targa in a heartbeat.

And better and better, for all you folks who've scored or fragged a cylinder ?


It is phenomenally difficult to find someone who can bore a moped cylinder, and so this was a stroke of luck to find while diggin up woody's spark plug crossrefs.

You can take a nearly, or unusable due to scoring, cylinder, bore it out just a bit and pop in an oversize piston, and now yer 'wrecked' cylinder becomes a minor upgrade !

It's definately worth a try, just remember to adjust carb and mix accordingly if you try this.

This guy gets a double thumbs-up from me, and a reccommendation that we add him to our links list immediately.

He can also apparently get some of the more estoric parts for Tomos, like those damn turn signal lenses we tend to bust out rather regularly.

Check him out.


Re: The Beast is Back !

Awesome, Ree. I'm not a big fan of top tanks (too motorcycle-ish), but it's good to see a tough-looking Tomos back on the streets.

Rock on!

I bought from him!

Ataristyle /

Heeters was the place I bought my moped from. Well, actually Noped. He only carries pegged versions of Tomos's there. I had to drive from Chicago to the middle of IN to get it and I wasnt leaving w/ out my moped. There are no dealers in IL for Tomos mopeds and Heeters has the best deal on them for there older '98s. I got my TT LX for less than $1200 w/ 1 mile on it thanks to some barginning. The old man there is a real nice guy. Fun to talk w/. Small shop but would definately buy from them again. One thing to make sure when you buy a 'ped from there, drain all the gas out over there. He didn't do that for me and w/ the moped in the back of my S-10 Blazer I had gas leaking all over the place. I had to open all the windows because of the fumes.

Swarm and Destroy!

They just added a new one!

Brandon E /

They just added a new one to the site called the Tomos Revival.Wow! Just go look at it.

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