Propane Ped !

Reeperette /

I found the article y'all were discussing a while back about converting a moped to propane.

Enjoy -


Re: Propane Ped !

Thanks for the address, Ree. I was beginning to think I had dreamed it all up.

Re: Propane Ped !

Hi, A moped run on propane would be great, But..... how would you get the 2-stroke oil to circulate in the engine? Soulds like melt down! But great for a 4-stroke....I have seen quite a number of trucks in my shop that had been converted, back when we had the so called "GAS SHORTAGE", I was a gasoline dealer then and the oil CO. had all the closed down stations tanks full, but was not allowed to sell to me! I was buying bootleged loads from other Brand Dist. sorry, I get windy! doug d.

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