Jawa supreme 2

Ol' Tommy Keats /

My friend has this Jawa Supreme 2. I thought I'd help him out. I just need to check for spark before I figure out that the CDI thyristor is broken.

Here is the question. what size spark plugs does it take?

One more. I heard you can throw an e 50 puch engine on a Supreme 2. has anyone done this?



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Re: Jawa supreme 2

Yep, E50 uses the same plugs pretty much, only one heat range higher, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Re: Jawa supreme 2

make sure the thyristor is wired right.

double check it.

because, some people take them off, or try to rearrange wires...

Re: Jawa supreme 2

Fish tits Krauthamer /

I think he was asking about putting an E50 engine on a supreme frame. I have a supreme 3 and it looked not very far off. some brackets is all that it would take really. the drive side is reversed, if you can get it switched it would be possible. a bit of fabricating is all.

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Vlado vlado /

The only reason I would swap the engines would be unrepairable Jawa engine or looking to install a kit- there are none kits for Jawa, plenty for Puch.

But by my own experience stock Jawa with Dell'Orto outperforms stock Puch with the same carb.

Re: Jawa supreme 2

Ol' Tommy Keats /


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