Need right spark plug Batavus

i have a Bronco the book calls 175TI Bocsh which i can't find. Does any one know what # sparkplug to use , Bocsh ,Ngk .champion. thanks much Wdy

Re: Need right spark plug Batavus

Reeperette /

No wonder you had trouble finding it, they forgot a letter.

It's not a 175TI Bosch.

It's an M175TI Bosch.

And it Crossrefs TO - >

SplitFire (NOT reccommended) - SF265F

Autolite - 2695

NGK - A8

Champion - 506/D6

Now you can try any of them, but I'd go and see if I could get a Champion platinum first...I haven't had much luck with NGK plugs in Euro mopeds, and even the Champions, the canadian-made one's don't do all that well.

You can also try the Autolite, no commentary on that, haven't tried em.

But try Champion Platinum first, if you can avoid the candianmade stuff.


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