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i have tomos targa 1992. the brakes did suck that is until i sanded the inside drum and the brake shoes.i have the metal side panels but they arent on for a couple reasons. i hate the new plastic ones they look shitty. i put a biturbo on it and it goes 40. that is the max of any stock cylinder moped... dont let anyone elses tell you diferent. as for the spedo i had a cable and it broke. i mean what do i care the spedo read 6 mph at walking speed(me geting of and walking it) i walk at a pace of 2.5. so to solve this problem i took of the cable and invested 35 dollars into a nice bicycle spedo(very very acurate!!) i had to j.b weld the magnet on the wheel but i dont worry because its on there very well. i recently rebuilt the tranny,crank,cylinder,piston and everything else and the thing about tomos is the tranny is very simple. as long as u keep trany fluid in it it works very nice. i am thinking about getting a 70cc kit. i mean i am very skilled and im only 14. i think as long as i keep enough tranny fluid in it it will work fine. so i will invest my money in the kit. i really dont think it will mess up my moped in any way. if it does ill replace the part no biggy. well plz respond


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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