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Buy a targa i have one with a biturbo on it that goes about 50 mph and i couldnt be more happy and everything has lasted on but personally i hate the bodys of tomos. They are cheap and plastic even the most experienced rider dumps it once or more in there lifetime and to be frank i wouldnt wqant to be riding a tomos when i dumped it. First you destroy the side covers and then thats a nice 20 bucks or so and then there goes the turn signal hmm 30 bux a piece lets see what else will break . I Love my puch its built solid . I have a maxi ls and its tough but i strongly dissaprove of the speed kit all i did to make mine fly at about 45 mph was to take the shot air filter of and then i took a small screen and wrapped it around the intake as to not let to much air and dirt into the intake which would later on hurt the piston. I thentouch a cutting tourch a burned out the first set off baffels because i could not move them . Its a little bit louder but screems btw if you want speed there alot more things you can do to fix that. One use a split fire plug(will hurt engine in long run but not to bad) take airfilter off. Get a bigger jet ( dont drill it out).Change your sprocket. or Advance the hell out of the timing. Unless you have CDi in that case i dont know also i use 130 octane and NO IT DOESNT HURT ENGINE it smellls like chili peppers(generally its ment for planes)


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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