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>>It is well known to me and my friends, that tomos aren't exactly the "highest quality"<<

I dispute that, and having ridden just about every brand of moped for over 15 years, can say with authority Tomos ranks somewhere at the top of the heap.

While personal preferences do influance where someone rates a ped, Tomos and Puch seem to dominate every poll taken.

Now as for the kit - the 70cc Kit is a risky and dangerous move, especially for anyone less than a skilled professional mechanic, and in some cases, a nightmare even for them - some of those kits are of very poor quality.

I recall one forum member mentioning he had to re-drill the bolt holes in the cylinder of his because they were so maligned.

Add to this, that the kit (Take note here folks) WILL NOT WORK WITH THE A3 ENGINE - Period.

There are Technically three engines Tomos makes, but in reality it is only two.

The A3 - which is a hexagonal cylinder, and slightly different transmission.

The A5 - which is a larger, square cylinder, and smaller transmission.

The oft-mentioned "A35" is a misnomer, Tomos was considering mounting the A3 cylinder to thier new A5 Transmission, but (I am guessing here) apparently it never panned out, and they went with the whole-hog upgrade to the A5.

Part of the problem rests in the documentation given with some of the Tomos mopeds, it states "A35" instead of "A3" or "A5".

The A5 has a pistonarm of slightly different size, and hooking that kit up to the A3 is a recipe for disaster no matter how good it is.

In addition, the Upgrade kit for Tomos is of some really half-ass engineering, to be frank, a combination of Euro parts that other than the Bi-Turbo, aren't even remotely meant for this moped, the carb in that kit is also somewhat too small, and results in a dangerously lean mixture.

So, basically, you have to have flawless precision with installing the kit, and then constant babying and tinkering with it to get it to run right, and still every chance beyond that, no matter how you try to prevent it, that it will selfdestruct.

A stock Tomos, however...will last years and years, even of very hard use, the Bullet is somewhat more durable than the Targa, and the Golden Bullet was the best, but for cost reasons, they made the slightly shoddier Sprint to replace the Bullet, and the Targa to replace the Golden Bullet and stuck with that.

Puch is also one of the tough hangers-in, but there's been very little luck with one of those kits on ANY moped around here, it just pushes the limits of the moped too far in many cases, and one has to remember that the rest of the components are not made to take that kind of stress, particularly the transmission.

Your best bet for maximum upgrade, Tomos or Puch, would be a larger carb and jet, Bi-Turbo muffler, and change-out of sprockets....and if you are really good with tools, perhaps advance the timing a bit.

Many members of this forum have one or more of those upgrades and have done very well with them, so ask around and see what worked for who.

I have the kit on my Targa TT LX, but it requires total and constant nitpicking to keep it running right, and is always on the edge of disaster, so I am probably lookin at taking to off myself.

Hope all that info helps someone...


P.S. - If you don't like Tomos, try riding a Jawa or a Kinetic for a year.....

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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