ZA50 Washers?

So I was doing a transmission swap b/w two ZA50 motors and everything seemed to match up alright with a few minor differences. The clutch bells have different size holes for the shaft but clutches themselves fit. I got down to putting the cover on and found 2 pairs of different size washers, which fit on the two biggest shafts (clutch bell and big gear) So do two washers go on each two shafts that go into the bearings on the tranny cover? I can't find a diagram showing these parts...

Re: ZA50 Washers? many washers on mainshaft and how many washers on clutch bell shaft for transmission cover bearings? These would be the first pieces to come off of the transmission, I'm wondering how many washers go on each shaft.

Re: ZA50 Washers?

those are bearing shims, i think.

fucking this part of the rebuild will either make or break (literally) your ZA50


Re: ZA50 Washers?

if you take off the cover you should have 3 washers that fall out

2 are the same size

one is differnt.

The big one goes alone, it is obvious which one it fits, the other two smaller ones go on the other shaft.

the manual does not show these

Re: ZA50 Washers?

Your use of the phrase "match up" is frightening. The number and size of shims varies depending on the amount of float in your cranks. There are special tools, or alternate methods (consult wiki) for correctly shimming.

Re: ZA50 Washers?

Oh man. Is there a usual amount of shims on each side? I mean don't people rebuild these things all the time, I never hear of this shimming being that difficult? Is there a thickness that I am going for, and should I just measure the washers to find this on each shaft? Oh, and do you have to put the metal rollers under tension of the spring flaps on the main gear?

Damn, this is my first puch and I haven't even been able to ride it because of this transmission.

Re: ZA50 Washers?

dude you need to read the manual regarding those roller gears.

your in a complex tranny dude

Re: ZA50 Washers?

Yeah I read the manual and it said the metal rollers had to be under spring tension, I just put them in their grooves. Manual is not too clear to me, maybe I'm just an idiot. But seriously I need to get the washers figured out, I don't have any complex tools to measure them, but if somebody will tell me the required thickness or number or washers I can figure them out.

Re: ZA50 Washers?

I'm anxious to get my baby fixed, can somebody get me going? I'm ready to work but I am stuck inside waiting for answers...

Re: ZA50 Washers?

you have 3 washers right? Those are the three that bounce out when you open a za. I cant remember which shaft is bigger, but there is a washer that is bigger and doesnt look like the other 2. It goes on the shaft that fits it perfectly. The other 2 go on the other shaft.

Take a breather, go and sit and look at the manual and the way those springs hold the roller bearings in. pay attention to the picture, one way has em pushed against the slight incline, the other steep. Get them the way they are in the manual as right, and put the cover back on. if the bike doesnt roll backwards, you didnt put em in right.

Do yourself a favor and dont lose one down the goddmmed sink and end up taking the drain apart to get it back lol. You kinda push the spring forward, and drop em in. then the spring forces the forward.

Dont take it too hard , i thoght that diagram was a little unclear about how they go. Its not like your gonna mess anything up with them. Either the bike is gonna roll backwards and you know you followed the manual or it wont, and you need to do it the OTHER OTHER way.

Re: ZA50 Washers?

Well I got the rollers right with the springs. Then I found out that I had a total of 7 washers between the two motors, of which were different thicknesses. I just put two of the ones that would fit on the mainshaft ( a little different thickness b/w the two) and one on the clutch bell shaft. I had 4 for the small main and 3 for the big clutch bell. I took it for a spin and it shifts into second unlike it did before, but I hear a rubbing/wining sound like a tire would make rubbing a swing arm though it is not. I filled it with ATF F till it dripped and I didn't get it past 15 because it's dark. It seems to run fine, but that wining sound is bothering me.

Re: ZA50 Washers?

ok dude dont run that shit.

I didnt know you had different washers going on from 2 different motors, i thought you clearly identified the 3 that came out when you took off your case cover. I dont know what ya did but that sounds frigging OMINOUS dude. Your gonna have to find somone with a za and copy it or something.

i cant guarantee anything about a za, but i guarantee that frigging sound means catastrophic failure at some point.

Re: ZA50 Washers?

Well damn I'm the only one in the town who has a Puch or maybe even a moped. I mean somebody went in the original motor and had it all fucked up they had a washer between the clutches. I got in a hurry and ended up with 7 washers and two motors. For gods sake I don't know what to do, this damn moped has been sitting in my garage and I ready to fucking ride it. Can somebody take me some damn pictures of their 3 washers and thickness of them?

Re: ZA50 Washers?

allright ive got a core at work, ill try and knock the cover off. Do you have a manual dude?

Did you watch the za video?

I feel bad for ya, you got a complicated thing there man. You might wanna consider getting an e50 for it, the single speeds. Or just pay someone to hum it together right.

Nothing worse then trying to figure out something with no reference to see if its right or not, thats maddening.

Re: ZA50 Washers?

I know the pages of the manual by heart by now. It is too brief and expects me to have measuring tools. I watched the ZA50 video, but the guy mumbles, works too fast, and doesn't talk about shims.

I bought a ZA50 for $150 for the tranny and now I did the swap and got down to the washers and got way too excited about finally riding it, which got the shims mixed up.

Where I live, people laugh at you on mopeds, let alone know what they are.

I would appreciate that so much if I could have some detailed pictures and closeups of the shims and some thickness measurements. I would even buy the set of shims if somebody had correct spares laying around.

Re: ZA50 Washers?

Its unfortunatley not going to work that way - the shims in my motor are not going to match up with yours, they are different and that tolerance must be shimmed totally correctly or you will blow it up.

email me

Re: ZA50 Washers?

I emailed you. How do I measure the tolerances without fancy tools, like I have measuring tapes and rulers. Can somebody write me a walk through on how to shim a ZA50 for the average idiot with old caveman tools?

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