Sachs Eagle 2 Moped

I have an add in the paper stating wanted mopeds. I just got a call regarding a Sachs Eagle 2 moped, runs fine, seat is good, spot surface rust, original paint, dent in side of gas tank. Old guy used to own it. No ownership. Wants $300 ($200 US) firm for it. He says all it needs is a throttle cable. Is it worth it?

Re: Sachs Eagle 2 Moped

sounds good to me..most of the mopeds i see in the paper around here are 300-500 for not running and missing some stuff.. go out and check it out. if you like it, get it.

Re: Sachs Eagle 2 Moped

$300 for a good condition running moped? That's a steal if you ask me. I'd take it (haggle if you can) and then run home smiling at how much of a lucky bastard you are. Seriously.

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